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Friday, 15 March 2013

Impressive High-Tech Features Of Bidets Seats!

Over the past years, there has been drastically an increase in sales of bidets. Whether an individual reason behind buying of bidets is due to their high-class status or due to high-tech features, but the fact is that bidets have revolutionized the traditional style of cleaning process.

So, if you want high standard of living in your bathroom, along with enhanced personal hygiene, then you must consider electric bidets. There are numerous high-tech features of bidets, which has made cleaning process quite easy for an individual. Now let’s have a look at its features-

Remote control operation
: Though there are several feature in bidets, but the first and foremost feature on, which all features rely are remote control. In other words all functioning of bidet is carried by a remote control i.e. right from opening of seat cover till the end of switching on the deodorizer.

Heated toilet seat: Second best feature of bidets is heated toilet seat. As the name suggests, the product is same like regular toilet seats, as well as functions same, but differs due to heated element, which is in-built in the seat. Although this feature works out for every season, but it’s more advantageous in the winter season because one would not have to sit on cold seat. So, depending on the model one chooses, one could either go for battery operated seats or for those that require electricity.

Self-cleaning nozzle: After getting done with the toileting, one need not use wipes and toilet paper. Instead of that one can use nozzle spray that helps in automatically rinsing and cleaning. Moreover there are some adjustable features like controlling of water pressure and water temperature.

Self-closing seat cover: Once cleaning is done, one would not have to cover the seat of toilet by themselves. Rather self-closing seat cover feature is there in bidets. This means one can cover the toilet seat by accessing the remote control.

Built in-deodorizer: Now after toileting, one need not cover the toilet seat to cover up the smell. Rather built-in deodorizer is there in bidets, which helps in absorbing the odour and replacing with deodorants.

From all the above features of bathroom bidet you must have got an idea how these can be beneficial to you, if you opt it for your bathroom. So, if you are looking forward to buy bidets, then you must contact online distributors that would provide you wide range of it, according to your budget.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Electronic bidets - taking personal hygiene to a new level

Modern day bathrooms are becoming more luxurious each and every-day with the introductions of new and improved bathroom fixtures. One of the best fixtures to add to the hygiene level of your bathroom is a bidet. Bidets offer unmatched hygiene factor and add to the beauty of any contemporary bathroom. Though bidets have been in usage for almost a decade now, they are gradually starting to gain quite the popularity. With improved consciousness about health issues and people becoming more concerned about various infectious diseases, bidets are becoming one of the most sought-after bathroom accessories by folks. Today, bidets can be found in almost all the major hotels across the globe.

Today, one can find a variety of bidets with various styles. Some of the common types, just to mention a few are, bio-bidets, electronic and non-electronic bidet, hand-held bidets and several others. The convenience offered by these fixtures has revolutionized a new hygiene concept, involving no use of tissue papers to wipe the genitals and posteriors. Among all these bidets, the most popular one, catching the eyes of the masses are electronic bidets. They come with a variety of features to boost the personal hygiene. Some of the noteworthy features are pulsating streams, built-in dryers; massage option, seats with controllable temperature option, deodorizers and countless others.

There are numerous health benefits of using this electronic fixture. First of all, it discards the use of toilet paper, which can cause irritation on the sensitive areas and several infectious diseases. Regular toilet seats with bidets mounted on it leaves sprinkles of water after the use, which needs to be wiped off with a towel or a cloth. It’s more like having a shower with drops of water all over the body. But, with the use of electronic bidets, and its inbuilt feature of warm dryers, you do not have to go through the hassle of wiping off excessive water. It automatically dries off the remaining water leaving you completely hygienic and free from germs. On pressing the dry button present on the electronic bidet, the nozzle blows warm air to dry off the water. It is much like using a hand-dryer commonly found in public utilities and bathrooms. Just sit in a relaxed posture and it will do the wiping for you.

For the folks, conscious about improving personal hygiene and health of the family, getting one of the bidets installed (or if the space is not enough then they can be attached over the existing toilet seats) can be the best option.

Friday, 15 February 2013

3 Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Bidets!

Nowadays, bidets have come up in the market, which has not just changed the old cleaning style, but has also given a modern look to the bathroom.
Where in traditional bidets, you had to clean their butts by tissue paper or by a mug of water, but nowadays things have quite changed with the help of new electric bidets. All you just need to do is sit on the bidet, freshen up and lastly activate the spray to clean the butts.

Moreover, bidets have more advanced features, apart from the nozzle spray. To name a few are a seat warmer, a deodoriser, a warm air dryer and automatically opening hydraulic seats.

So, if you are looking forward to change the entire look of your bathroom and wanting luxurious features, then you need to buy electronic bidets. However, below mentioned are some points, which would help you during your purchase of bidets:
  • Note your Bathroom shape & size: Before making your choice and finalizing the bidet toilet seat. The first and foremost thing you need to do is to consider is your bathroom shape and size. This is important to do so, in order to get the right bidet seat for the bathroom, so that it might not cause problem after once you have bought.

  • Look for bidets: Now after noting down the shape & size of bathroom, then comes the step of looking of bidets. As discussed above in this article about the features of bidets such as nozzle spray, heated toilet seat, deodoriser etc., you must make sure that your distributor is providing you such features. However, depending on your choice, needs and budget you would see variety of bidets in market. For instance, low price bidets would have basic feature of nozzle spray and likewise high price bidets would have various other additional features with nozzle spray like warm seat, deodoriser, adjustable seats etc.

  • Price: As discussed above, there are different types of bidets, which have different features with it. And according to that they vary in prices because less featured bidet would have fewer prices as compared to the bidets, which have more features. So, at last it would be your call to choose, which one bidet you would want in your bathroom.
Now keeping these all above mentioned factors in mind, you would have a much easier experience, while buying bidets. Besides that make sure that you are buying bidets from a good distributer, which provides you guaranty and warranty of your bidets.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Advantages of heated bidet seats

Heated bidet toilets, as name shows, are a toilet seat which is designed with a heater inside it in order to offer hands-free warm and gentle wash.

Electric bidets are designed with purpose of proving unbelievable comfort and maximum hygiene to its users. The affordable and easy to install seats are featured with different types of adjustable functions such as water pressure, water temperature, warm air dry temperature, seat temperature, and cleansing nozzle with adjustable positioning system.

 These toilet bidets are similar to a regular toilet in terms of form and function. Heated bidet toilets work by using electrical current, provided by either battery power or house electricity that generates heats through the carbon cores of the seat. With a small remote control that is attached to the unit, a user, effortlessly, can control the heat. Some less expensive models of heated bidets may lack this heat adjustable function and generate heat automatically when plugged. In addition to this, many warmth toilet seats came with additional features including air fresheners that spray automatically or manually using a “press-button” after the toilet seat is closed.

Enlisted below are some of the most common benefits if using heated seats:

  • Provides warmth: The most obvious benefit of heated toilet seat is that it is designed to provide warmth. Most of us have experience the numbness and cold of traditional toilet seats. This problem is completely removed from conventional heats toilets.

  • Comfort: As we discussed before, that the temperature of warmth toilets can be adjusted according to individual’s personal requirements. The heat produced by the seat provides great relieve from muscle aches, and can be effective aid in comfort and relaxation.

  • Loosens stiff muscles: Stiffness to muscles can occur when our body remains in same position for long. Traditional seat are lacking with this feature while on the other side, conventional toilets are featured with a heating system because heated therapy is known as the best reliever from pains and muscle aches.

  • Offer relieve from Arthritic: Arthritis is “inflammation of one or more joints” and use of cold water can result in more pain and discomfort. Sitting some time on heated seats provides you relieve from arthritic discomfort.
  • Little use of electricity: One may be worry about the electric bill of using warmth toilets. So, you need not have worry about it as the low amount of electricity is needed for the intended functions of such bidets.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Heated Toilet Seats: Tips For It's Purchasing

Many of us have never experienced heated bidet toilet seats and they have no idea of what they are missing. Now, you may interest to know, “In what sense heated seat is a better option than a conventional seat using toilet paper?”
Then statement to that question is straightforward. Water! Water provides better cleaning than that of anything else (toilet paper). As in our routine life we use water for several purposes like to wash our hands, hair, and face. But when it comes to cleaning of most sensitive parts of our body, why we not use water to hygiene them. Toilet paper cannot provide your complete cleanliness. In short, nothing revitalizes and cleans better than water.
A heated toilet seat is designed with an idea to provide users an unbelievable level of comfort while at the same time to deliver users maximum cleanliness and hygiene. In fact, the temperature control mechanism in such toilet seats is a favorite feature for many of its owners.
On the other hand, in several countries across the world, temperature controlled heated seats is the preferable approach of hygiene after conventional toilet seats. One more thing, they enable people to get complete freshness and neatness with hands free wash.
All people have to do is nothing, but press a button, to get the cleaning done, a nozzle extends and releases a gentle stream of warm water for ultimate hygiene.
Installation of heated bidet toilet seats can upgrade the looks of your bathroom. So, if you are planning to five your bathroom a modern look and want to buy one of these seats, you will need to keep in mind the following important things. These are:
Temperature: The very first thing that one must consider before purchasing heated toilet seat is temperature. Choose the one that provide you the feature of adjusting temperature. These seats come with optional temperature settings ranges from 97 degrees Fahrenheit to 105 degree Fahrenheit.
Sensor: Choose seats that are featured with an activation sensor. Sensors are incorporated to activate the seat only when user is sitting down. In this way, such bidets ensure that the device would not operate until it is needed.
Filter: Another important thing to consider is a carbon filter. Carbon filter is designed to deodorize the toilet room and to provide their users an odor-free environment. One this you have to pay attention on is how long the filter will work (prefer to buy the one that works for at-least six months).
Fan: Next thing about heated toilets is a fan. Fan is incorporated in order to blow warm air. One should pay attention to buy the bidet that is designed with different speed settings for the fan.

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Clean your butt with the best!

The importance of personal hygiene cannot be stressed upon enough. There is dire need for one and all to understand the fact that proper maintenance of the body and cleaning all its parts every day is of vital value. Did you know that cleaning yourself after using the toilet was far more essential that wiping make up off your face? It's because this is a very vulnerable and infection-prone area. You may catch UTI infections as well as a number of other skin diseases if you are not clean 'below the belt'!

Americans have religiously been piling stocks of toilet paper to clean themselves after going to the washroom since years. They have borne the side effects to partial cleaning, burning sensation and itchiness of the skin, rashes and skin infections. Little did they know that there are other methods for cleaning after going to the toilet?

Bidets are the modern day’s answer to this problem! Americans are probably the last people of the world to know about it.

They are such functional little gadgets that can be trusted every single way for cleaning yourself in the most effective manner. They are small-toilet seat attachments that work for cleaning your 'behind' after you have gone to the toilet. They clean you with a hot 'jet stream' of water. It is something so effortless and sharp that it tends to clean you without the slightest discomfort. Nothing can clean you better than water and this is exactly what is taken care of here.

These days there are a number of savvy options to choose from and you can easily find the most comfortable and cozy bidets that even heat up when you need it to. There are even options available for a heated toilet seat. This heating arrangement makes it much easier to rest yourself on the toilet seat, especially in the winters. Fancy bidets come in different colors and designs so it can even add a color and zing to your washroom space and make it look better than ever!

You might be under the impression that it would be a messy and sloppy experience but the truth is that it is hassle free and easy to use gadget that can be fitted in your toilet seat to provide you the best comfort.

All you need to do is research well in the market so that you can find the best quality and price quotes for these bidets, because it's not something you would want to keep replacing now and then.

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Friday, 18 January 2013

What are the different types of bidets?

Designed with the purpose to properly clean the genital and rectal area after using the toilet, bidets are first used in France. Traditionally, they appear as a small trench which was filled with water for the user to sit and clean his behind.
The biggest improvement over the design of such fixtures is the introduction of the spray model, so to allow user to get a better clean. Bidets are come in different types and have continued to evolve so to allow you to choose from wide selection of models with different designs and functions.
Knowing the different types of butt cleaner available in market can be helpful in choosing one that is most suitable for you. On the whole, plumbing fixtures can be divided broadly into four categories that are discussed below:
Over the Rim: This model comes with a standard tap to allow water to flow downward. The bidet basin is filled with water in the similar manner as we fill a sink. Rimless feature of this model makes it easy to clean.
Heated Rim: Also known as flushing rim, the heated rim model is designed with the water entering bowl along with hot and cold water taps on the top. In this fixture, water enters the bowl from beneath the rim of the basin.
Spray Model: Spray model is one of the most popular types of plumbing fixtures designed with a squirt feature to provide a gentle cleansing job. Depending upon the direction of the stream of water, bidet spray model is divided into two categories such as horizontal spray and vertical spray.
Horizontal model come with a spout that is fixed over a rim to deliver a horizontal stream of water to rinse genitals. This type of plumbing fixture can be plugged and filled with water.
The vertical model of the bidet spray differs from the horizontal one in that it is designed with a fountain jet situated in the center of the bidet bowl. This feature squirts the water upward for washing genitals. Furthermore, users are also provided the spray feature, on newer electronic bidets, to fit on the top.
Combination model: This model of plumbing fixtures is designed to add the features of both the heated rim and a vertical water flow.
One important thing that one must keep in mind before choosing spray bidets is the risk of water contamination. This problem can occur at the back spoilage due to poor water fittings. So, hire a professional plumber to install such vanities.
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